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Course Description and Learning Objectives

Course Description

Computer Science 490 is designed to teach students how they can assist others in learning Computer Science-related course material by assisting in course lectures and Open Lab environments. The course also serves to reinforce the skills taught in Computer Science 101.

Prerequisites and Expected Skills

Proctors must have completed Computer Science 101 or have equivalent skills as determined by the Course Coordinator. Enrollment is by permission of the Course Coordinator.

Proctors are expected to be familiar with the material taught in Computer Science 101.

General Education Curriculum and General Education Foundations

This course does not meet any GEC Objectives or GEF Foundations.

Course Learning Objectives

After completing Computer Science 490, students will be able to:

Number Course Learning Objective Learning Activities
& Informal Assessments
Formal Assessments
C01 Demonstrate how to use spreadsheet, database, word processing, and presentation applications to display data, conduct analysis, and explore what-if sceanrios.
  • Lecture Section Student Assistance
  • Open Lab Student Assistance
  • Exam Review Session Student Assistance
  • Mac VM Workshop Student Assistsance

No formal assessments

Course Organization

Computer Science 490 is organized into a single semester-long unit. There are no formal structured learning activities, informal assessments, or formal assessments.