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Materials Purpose and Usage

Computer Science 101 uses a variety of materials to help teach the course subject matter.

Readings from the Exploring Office 2016 textbooks and Supplemental Content are strongly recommended and beneficial. While the content covered here is generally also taught in MyITLab Lessons, reading the textbook and Supplemental Content will provide an additional way of understanding the material. The textbook will also be helpful in case you encounter difficulty completing MyITLab Lessons questions as there is a one-to-one mapping between the MyITLab questions and Hands-On Exercises in the textbook.

The training component of MyITLab Lessons are an excellent way to learn the skills covered by this course. These computer-based training exercises will guide you through the process of completing tasks in Microsoft Office. While you may skip the trainings and go directly to the graded MyITLab Lessons assessments, we suggest starting with the trainings so that you are fully prepared with the material for when you are in class and when you complete the MyITLab Lessons assessments. Completing the trainings will also familiarize you with the tools you will need for the Participation Projects, Homeworks, Exams, and MyITLab Bonus Projects.

Other instructional materials used with the course are marked if they are required, recommended, or optional.