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Why is there a zero in the CS101 gradebook for MyITLab?

There are comments attached to each MyITLab grade in the CS101 Gradebook that explain how and when your grade was calculated. If you completed work prior to the cut-off time listed in the comment, you likely didn't specify a correct Student ID in MyITLab. You must set the Student ID in MyITLab to your WVU ID number (700 or 800 number without dashes; e.g., 800123456) so that your work can be graded.

If you do not set your Student ID correctly, you may receive no credit for MyITLab Lessons and MyITLab Bonus Projects. Please see the Setting Student IDs page for instructions on how to fix your ID. Be aware that your grades will not become available until CS101 processes them next.