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8/14/2017: Register for MyIT Lab

The first MyIT Lab due date is on Wednesday, August 23.  Please start early!  Please make sure you have registered and completed Lesson A by then.  Any work submitted after 8/23 at 11:55 pm will be subject to a 50% late fee.  MyIT Lab can be turned in late up and until 8/23 at 11:55 pm for a 50% late fee.

If you have a financial aid issue and can't purchase MyIT lab immediately, please take advantage of MyIT Lab's 14 day free trial.  You can begin work and later purchase a registration code without losing anything you've started.

8/14/2017: Read the Start Here page!

Read the Start Here page at

It contains information about registering for MyIT and the textbook that you'll need.  Please read through it.

8/14/2017: Beginning of Term - Fall 2017

Please take time to work through the Start Here Page.  Watch the video on navigating the CS101 website.  Look over the assignments that I have posted.

Please make sure that starting on 8/23 you sign in for attendance every day.  On the left side of the home page, click on Grades & Submissions, then Record Attendance every day you are in class.

8/14/2017: CS101 does not use eCampus

CS101 does not use eCampus. Please be sure to check your MIX e-mail and visit the CS101 website on a daily basis. All grades are published on the CS101 website - please check the Grades and Submissions link on the right side of the screen.


8/14/2017: MyIT Lab Lesson #A

MyIT Lab Lesson A will be due on 8/23

Login to MyIT Lab, click on MyIT Lab Assignments in the left pane navigation, then choose MyIT Lab Lessons.  Choose MyIt Lab Lesson A

Please set aside several hours to complete the first MyIT Lab Lesson.  I do not recommend doing it in one sitting the evening it is due.

Please make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off.

If you miss the deadline, you can turn in MyIT Lab Lesson A late - until 12/5.  After the due date of 8/23, it is subject to a 50% late fee!

8/7/2017: Late fees & Penalties

Just a reminder from the syllabus-

All homeworks are due at 11:55 pm the day they are listed as due.  For each day after the due date, 20% is deducted.

All participation projects should be completed by the day they are due.  

MyIT Labs are due by 11:55 pm the day they are listed as due.  You may complete late MyIT Labs for 50% credit up and until the late deadline date (listed on the schedule).

Please note the distinctions!

Claim your WVU Login account

If you haven't already done so, please claim your WVU Login account so that you can use CS101 computers and the course website.

8/16/2016: First Day Presentation

A copy of the first day presentation is available for you.

Day 1 - Fall 2017