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Participation Projects

Participation Projects are learning activities and informal assessments that provide students with opportunities to practice the skills taught in the course. They are graded based on a rubric included at the end of their instructions. Students are required to successfully complete at least 20 Participation Projects during the semester to receive full credit.

These assignments are available on your instructor's Assignments page. For online sections, Participation Projects are due at 11:59pm Eastern Time on the listed due date. For in-person sections, projects must be completed in-class and submitted by the end of class to receive credit.

Late submissions of Participation Projects will not be accepted. Participation Projects may only be made-up in the case of university-sanctioned absences, and in those cases, arrangements for making up the work must be made with the instructor prior to the time the assignment is due.

Instructors may revoke credit for Participation Projects if, in their sole determination, the student was not making a good faith effort to participate in the class and complete the assignment.

Students may be assigned into groups of 3 to 4 students to conduct peer evaluations of each others' Participation Projects. Peer evaluations are to be conducted on at least 3 projects of each group's choosing during the semester. Students should provide copies of their completed files to their group members for the projects on which peer evaluations will be conducted. Peer evaluations are to be completed using a rubric included at the end of each Participation Project's instructions. Peer evaluators should evaluate the student's overall performance on the project and note any errors they find in the student's work. Evaluations should be completed and provided to the student being evaluated within 10 calendar days of when the Participation Project being evaluated was due.