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PowerPoint Chapter 7

Chapter Demonstrable Skills

After completing the PowerPoint Chapter 7 portion of the Word & PowerPoint unit, students will be able to:

Demonstrable Skill Learning Activities
& Informal Assessments
Formal Assessments
(excluding Exams)
Modify slide layout types.
  • MyLab Lesson G
  • MyLab Lesson G
Create and run custom slide shows.
  • MyLab Lesson G
  • MyLab Lesson G
Use the Hide Slides tool to control which slides are shown.
  • PowerPoint: Presentation Techniques Participation Project
  • MyLab Lesson G
  • MyLab Lesson G

Chapter Notes

Modifying slide masters

The parent slide master is the top slide in the level of hierarchy of slides based on slide master [1]. As you modify a slide master, the elements in the slide layouts related to it are also modified to maintain consistency. You can copy the slide master as a part of template and use it in other presentations.

Custom slide shows

Custom shows composed of a subset of slides assembled for a presentation [2]. In basic custom shows you select slides from one presentation and then group them to create other presentations enabling you to adapt a single presentation to a variety of audiences. You can do this by adding the desired slides by creating a New Custom Show in the Start Slide group of the Slide Show tab.

Hidden slides

Sometimes when you are giving a presentation, you might need to skip certain details from the original presentation. You can do this by hiding slides [1]. You can hide slides by clicking Hide Slide on the Slide Show ribbon.


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