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Word Chapter 3

Chapter Demonstrable Skills

After completing the Word Chapter 3 portion of the Word & PowerPoint unit, students will be able to:

Demonstrable Skill Learning Activities
& Informal Assessments
Formal Assessments
(excluding Exams)
Create, edit, and format tables.
  • Word: Layout & Pagination Participation Project
  • MyLab Lesson F
  • MyLab Lesson F
Insert captions to identify tables and figures.
  • Word: References & Workflow Participation Project
  • MyLab Lesson F
  • Homework #6
  • MyLab Lesson F

Chapter Notes


A table is a grid of columns and rows that organizes data [1]. A table has headings in the first row and related dates in the following rows. The intersection of row and column is a cell. The cell is where you type data. 

A table is considered an object and can be  manipulated independently of surrounding text. You can also change table settings so that rows and columns fit the data included in the table. To insert a table, click Table in the Tables group on the Insert tab.


A caption identifies a table, figure, or other object in a Word document [1]. A caption typically includes a label and is numbered. When a caption is created, it is formatted in the Caption formatting style. You can use the Styles pane to modify the Caption style applied to all captions in the document.


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