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Word Chapter 5

Chapter Demonstrable Skills

After completing the Word Chapter 5 portion of the Word & PowerPoint unit, students will be able to:

Demonstrable Skill Learning Activities
& Informal Assessments
Formal Assessments
(excluding Exams)
Insert WordArt in a document.
  • MyLab Lesson F
  • MyLab Lesson F
Embed charts in a document.
  • Word: Styles & Illustrations Participation Project
  • Homework #6
Save documents as PDF files.
  • MyLab Lesson G
  • MyLab Lesson G
Use advanced column formatting options.
  • MyLab Lesson F
  • MyLab Lesson F

Chapter Notes


You can use WordArt to add decorative text to your document [1]. You can find it on the Insert ribbon. There are several different styles and effects to choose from.

Text Boxes

A text box is a graphic object that contains text [1]. You can insert a text box in any place in the document. You can also layer them with other shapes or objects. You can find the Text Box option on tthe Insert ribbon.

Excel charts

You can copy-and-paste a chart into to your presentation by copying it to the clipboard in Excel and then pasting it into your document at the desired location [2]. This is the simplest way to insert a chart.

You can also use another method by clicking on Object in the Text group of the Insert ribbon. The Link to file option will automatically update the chart in your document if the source Excel file is updated.


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