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Word Chapter 6

Chapter Demonstrable Skills

After completing the Word Chapter 6 portion of the Word & PowerPoint unit, students will be able to:

Demonstrable Skill Learning Activities
& Informal Assessments
Formal Assessments
(excluding Exams)
Compare and combine multiple versions of a document.
  • Word: References & Workflow Participation Project
  • MyLab Lesson F
  • MyLab Lesson F
Create bookmarks.
  • MyLab Lesson G
  • MyLab Lesson G

Chapter Notes

Comparing and combining documents

The Compare feature in Word automatically evaluates the contents of two or more documents and displays markup balloons that show the differences between the documents. You can display the differences in the original document, the revised document, or in a new document [1].

If you want to go a step further than just viewing the differences, you can use the Combine feature to integrate all changes from multiple authors or documents into one single document [1].

The Combine Documents dialog box contains a variety of options. The option you are most likely to change is in the Show Changes section where you determine in which document the combined version will display—in the original document, the revised document, or in a new document. If you do not want to modify the original documents, you should combine the changes into a new document.


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