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Word Chapter 7

Chapter Demonstrable Skills

After completing the Word Chapter 7 portion of the Word & PowerPoint unit, students will be able to:

Demonstrable Skill Learning Activities
& Informal Assessments
Formal Assessments
(excluding Exams)
Create document templates.
  • MyLab Lesson F
  • MyLab Lesson F
Restrict document access and editing.
  • MyLab Lesson F
  • MyLab Lesson F
Record and run macros.
  • MyLab Lesson G
  • MyLab Lesson G

Chapter Notes


A form template is a document that defines the standard layout, structure, and formatting of a form. Using a form will allow user to enter data in specific places, but will prevent editing in any other way [1].

After you create the form and enter data, you can save it as a document. Forms help in minimizing errors that occur when you replace old information with new information.

Editing restrictions

Editing restrictions specify limits for users in modifying a document. There are different levels of restrictions available based on the amount of changes other users should be permitted to make [1].


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