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Gary Newberry

Section T01

Welcome to the website for CS101 Sections T01 and TA1. This is an online course section for students enrolled at the WVU Institute of Technology in Beckley. 

You should plan to check your MIX e-mail account and visit this webpage daily to remain up-to-date on important information in the course.

New to the course?

Get started with Computer Science 101 by visiting the Start Here page. Learn out about your instructor on the Instructor Welcome & Contact Information page.


Homework # 5 Available

The final HW assignment is now posted on our course webpage.  Note this assignment will result in four completed files (one for each Office application we cover in this course).  These need to be submitted separately, as opposed to all at once in a ZIP file.

We do not use eCampus or the attendance system

CS101 does not use eCampus. Please be sure to check your MIX e-mail and visit the CS101 website on a daily basis.

Our online section also does not use the attendance system.

Using a Mac

If you own a Mac, we have a virtual machine available for you to download and install so you can run Windows and Office to do your assignments in this class. Please see this Help Page for more details.

Starting this semester, we also have a second method you can use, running a Windows Virtual Desktop.  Using this method, there is nothing to install locally but you must have reliable internet access while you use it.  Details about this are available from this page

Assignment Availability

Assignments in this class will be configured well ahead of time to give you plenty of time to work on them.  I encourage working ahead!

Grade Availability

You can expect to look for your grades according to these guidelines: