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Exam # 1 Information Sent

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

For those taking the exam off campus, I just sent the exam information out to your proctors.  

If you are taking it off campus, please check with your proctor to ensure they received my email as soon as possible.  Please arrange a time to complete the exam with them Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday, 9/25-27/2018, hopefully you've already done this. You can take the exam anytime between 8AM Tuesday and 10PM Thursday (it should be submitted by 11PM). 
If your proctor did not receive the exam information, please let me know ASAP so I can resend the email.  Include their email address in case you sent it wrong the first time.  Please have them check their junk mail if they don't see it.  I sent these emails BCC so that sometimes goes to junk mail boxes.

You will all have 50 continuous minutes to work on it (i.e.  any breaks are included as part of the exam time).  It must be submitted on our course webpage, just like the HW assignments.  Exams are closed book, closed notes, etc.  You can only use "Help" within Excel if you need to.