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Exam Procedure & Exam #2 Date Changes

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Exam #2 will now be given from Monday through Wednesday (April 13-15).

Also, due to the circumstances we are all living through at the moment, the remaining two exams (Exam #2 and the Final Exam) will be able to be taken on your own.  There is no Open Lab to visit and the proctor requirement is being dropped for everyone.

Please everyone pay careful attention to exam time limits and other academic integrity rules!  Note it is very easy to detect if you have exceeded time limits on an exam.  If you do, your file will not be accepted for credit.  When you create your exam file, the time begins.  You should then work continuously on your file (ex: for up to 50 minutes for exam 2 or 2 hours for the final exam), save it when you're finished and then submit it.

I will be emailing exam instructions to everyone probably the day before each exam period begins.