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Facilities Information

This page is intended for non-CS101 individuals who will be using the 206 Armstrong Hall or 219 Armstrong Hall computer labs.

Facilities and Equipment

Common Items

206 Armstrong Hall

All of the above common items plus:

219 Armstrong Hall

All of the above common items plus:

Using the Rooms


While the 206 ARM and 219 ARM labs are primarily for use of Computer Science 101, they can be used by other courses when not needed for CS101. Per an agreement with the Provost's Office, other users must have significant need of the student computers to be eligible for scheduling into these rooms.

The classrooms can be reserved through Facilities Scheduling's 25Live system.

Room Access

Access to both classrooms is via Onity swipe locks managed by CS101. Users must e-mail the CS101 Coordinator with the names and WVU ID (700) numbers for all room users. Adding users to the locks can take several days, so at least one week advance notice is requested.

The iDesign-Classroom lecterns in the classrooms are kept unlocked.

Using Computers and Systems


A/V system training material is available on using the classroom. New users are encouraged to e-mail to arrange a training session.

Users must choose the End Class option on the control panel to turn off the audio/video systems when finished.

Assistant Computer

This system can be logged on to with a valid WVU Login account.

Student Computers

Student computers can be logged on to with a valid MyID account. A generic user account is available for each room; username and password are posted on the lectern cabinet door.

If schedules and other usages permit, it may be possible to configure the computers to automatically login using a generic account. Automatic login must be configured by the CS101 Coordinator. Advance notice is required.

When Finished

Classroom users are expected to tidy the classroom when finished with the use. All garbage should be properly thrown away, chairs pushed in, and the room restored to a tidy state. Failure to abide by this request may result in being removed from the room.

Support Contacts

Lectern and A/V Issues

Issues related to the lectern and audio/visual system should be directed to iDesign-Classroom at or (304) 293-2832.

Student Computer Issues

Student computer issues should be addressed with the CS101 Coordinator.

Other Room Issues

All other issues should be forwarded to the CS101 Coordinator so they may be addressed as appropriate.