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CS101 Learning Center

Summer 2024 Semester

If you need help on completing your assignments or want someplace to work on MyLab IT, the CS101 Learning Center (formerly known as Open Lab) is for you. All of the individuals staffing the Lab are CS101 proctors (students who have taken the course previously) and can assist you regardless of which section you are in.

Tip: The Learning Center gets busy as assignment due dates near. Please keep in mind that we have limited staffing, so the more people present, the longer it will take for us to be able to assist you. Please plan accordingly when completing your projects.

Tip: If you need to work on CS101 assignments when the Learning Center is closed, the required software for the course is also available in other labs on campus.

Learning Center Schedule

The CS101 Learning Center is only held during Fall and Spring semesters. If you need help during the summer, please schedule Zoom office hours with Dr. Brian Powell.