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Get the CS101 Advantage

Interested in taking Computer Science 101? Learn more about the course and how it will benefit you below!

Learn skills employers want and students need

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Successful students and employees are knowledge workers [1]. Computer Science 101 teaches you how to organize and analyze data to make decisions and solve problems.

Employers ask for Microsoft Office skills, with Office being the second-most requested skill in high-growth, high-wage jobs. According to a Burning Glass study, 56% of non-healthcare jobs for college graduates are in fields where Excel is a commonly required skill. 40% of internships listed Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Skills as a "must have" [1]. CS101 helps students excel in these skills.

Discover how to get the most from Microsoft Office

CS101 covers the four core Microsoft Office applications of Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint with a focus on Excel and Access. After taking the course, you'll not only be an Office power user, you'll be a knowledge worker able to review and analyze all kinds of data.

Microsoft Excel logoMicrosoft Excel

Excel spreadsheet are the workhorse of Microsoft Office. With it, you'll be able to quickly drill-down and find patterns in your data. Students will be able to:

Microsoft Access logoMicrosoft Access

Access is the go-to tool for efficiently managing large datasets. CS101 teaches students how to:

Microsoft Word logoMicrosoft Word

Word can be used for much more than just writing letters. In CS101, students learn how to:

Microsoft PowerPoint logoMicrosoft PowerPoint

For years, PowerPoint has been the program to use when you need to present data to others. We'll show you the basics in PowerPoint plus the stuff you really need to know:

Complete GEC/GEF and major requirements

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Computer Science 101 is a great way to complete your General Education Curriculum and General Education Foundations requirements. CS101 fulfills GEF Area F2A as well as GEC Objectives 2c and 4.

CS101 also meets major requirements for over 30 majors including Account, Communication Studies, Economics, Environmental Geoscience, Health Informatics & Information Technology, and Sport Management.

Get the help you need to succeed

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CS101 provides the tools you need to succeed. In 2017-2018, 57% of CS101 students earned A grades.

Open Lab staff are available daily during Fall and Spring semesters to answer questions. Homework Help videos show step-by-step how to use the tools needed to complete each homework. Review projects and videos get you ready for the exams.

Take the course when it's convenient for you

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18+ sections of CS101 are taught on-campus each Fall and Spring semester. Online sections are also available through the WVU Online and Extended Campus. On-campus and online versions of the course are offered each Summer session.


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