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Computer Science 101 is a GEC course emphasizing data analysis and problem solving skills.

Learn how CS101 can benefit you.

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A listing of the items you need to succeed in CS101 is on our Course Materials page.

Course News

MyITLab Lesson E grades posted

Grades including MyITLab Lessons A through E are now posted in the gradebook. Students who completed their work on-time should have earned 290 required points and 10 bonus points.

Missing MyITLab work can be submitted for 50% late credit through Monday, December 1. No additional work will be accepted after that date for any reason.

Some students cannot currently view their grades because they did not specify their Student ID as indicated in the registration instructions. Directions are available on how to fix the Student ID so you may receive credit. All Student IDs must be fixed by December 1 or MyITLab grades will be recorded as a 0.

MyITLab content notes available

In certain cases, MyITLab questions may not work entirely as expected. A list of known issues, along with notes on how to successfully complete the questions, is available.  Mac users may also wish to consult our list of keyboard shortcuts for differences from Windows.