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Here's what's going on in CS101

Final Exam schedule

CS101 follows the WVU Final Exam Schedule. To find out when the exam will be for your section, check the WVU Final Exam Schedule.

Students may contact their section instructor to request an early makeup exam. Early makeup exams will be held in Open Lab in 219 Armstrong Hall on:

  • Monday, December 4 from 3:30pm-7:30pm (extended hours)
  • Tuesday, December 5 from 3:30pm-7:30pm (extended hours)

This is the only opportunity to take the Final Exam other than at the time listed on the Final Exam schedule. If you have a conflict with the regular exam time or plan to leave Morgantown early, you must contact your instructor for authorization for these early makeup sessions.

Help us improve CS101

CS101 would like to hear from you about what your experience in the course this semester. Your detailed, honest feedback on our anonymous survey will help us make the course better. You can complete the survey here.

Also, please be sure to complete the Student Evaluation of Instruction for CS101.

Looking for the required course materials?

Find out what you need to purchase for CS101 on the Course Materials and Technology Requirements page. The textbook and MyITLab versions are specific to WVU, so you must purchase from Pearson directly or through one of the Morgantown bookstores. You cannot buy CS101 materials from Amazon.

Final MyITLab Lessons and Bonus Projects grades posted

Final grades for the MyITLab Lessons, including any late work, have been posted to the CS101 gradebook. Up to 190 points were possible.

Grades have also been posted for the MyITLab Bonus Projects. Up to 60 bonus points were possible.

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