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Scott Warden

Section 7D2

Welcome to the website for CS101 Section 7D2. This is an online course section.

You should plan to check your MIX e-mail account and visit this webpage daily to remain up-to-date on important information in the course.

New to the course?

Get started with Computer Science 101 by visiting the Start Here page. Learn out about your instructor on the Instructor Welcome & Contact Information page.


Homework #5 Available

Our 5th homework assignment is now posted, for those who would like to work ahead.

Homework #4 Available

HW #4 is now available.  Since this is the first Access assignment and most people find Access to be the most difficult part of this course, I strongly advise starting on it early.

Can You See Your Grades?

The day before class started, I sent everyone an email with subject "CS101 - Required: Information Requests".  This email contained two survey requests, the second of which is required to be completed to see your grades and take exams.  If you have not taken this required survey yet, please do so as soon as possible.  Until you do, there will be a hold on your CS101 account and you won't be able to see your grades or get a passing grade for the course.

Assignment Availability

Assignments in this class will be configured well ahead of time to give you plenty of time to work on them.  I encourage working ahead!

Grade Availability

You can expect to look for your grades according to these guidelines: