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A range of penalties is possible for academic integrity violations. The standard penalties are listed below, but more severe penalties including an unforgivable F for the course can be applied.


Standard Penalties

First Occurrence or After

Failing grade (F) will be issued for the course.

This academic integrity policy continues to be in force even after you complete Computer Science 490. Post-completion penalties may be enforced through modifications to the final grade recorded on your transcript.

If an academic integrity violation is suspected, you will be notified via e-mail. You may appeal to the Course Coordinator within 10 class days of the notice being sent. Failure to appeal or reply within this time period will be considered an admission of guilt and applicable penalties will be applied.

Additional information on WVU’s academic integrity policy is available in the West Virginia University Academic CatalogIf you have any questions about this policy or if an activity is allowed, it is your responsibility to check with your supervising instructor or the Course Coordinator beforehand.