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Course Policies

Attendance and Engagement

Regular attendance and participation by proctors is critical to the success of CS490. Proctors are expected to attend every scheduled class session or Open Lab shift.

In the event that a proctor cannot attend a scheduled shift, they are responsible for notifying their supervising instructor, preferably in advance.

If proctors have multiple absences, it may be necessary for them to work additional time to make-up.  Excessive unexcused absences may impact a proctor’s grade.

Course Communication

The CS101 websites and your MIX e-mail account are the primary means through which we distribute information. It is your responsibility to check them daily.

When e-mailing your supervising instructor or the Course Coordinator, please be sure to identify your name, your course section, and clearly explain your question or concern. To ensure you are easily understood, please write in standard English.

Your instructor generally will respond to e-mails within 48 hours. While you may frequently receive same-day responses, they are not guaranteed and should not be expected. Please plan accordingly so you do not miss deadlines.

Expected Conduct and Etiquette

When in class or Open Lab, please:

When using online aspects of the course or sending e-mails:


The above actions disturb other students and are disrespectful to course staff. Violations removal from the classroom, Open Lab, or course activities.

Please also be aware of and comply with the CS490 Academic Integrity Policy and the WVU Campus Student Code.

Adverse Weather and Cancellations

On rare occasions, CS101 classes or Open Lab may be cancelled. If this occurs, notice will be provided via MIX e-mail, the CS101 website, and/or social media.

In the event of inclement or threatening weather, everyone should use their best judgment regarding travel to and from campus. Safety should be the main concern. If you cannot get to class or an exam because of adverse weather conditions, you should contact your supervising instructor as soon as possible.

Similarly, if your supervising instructor is unable to reach the class location, they will notify you of any cancellation or change as soon as possible using MIX e-mail and the CS101 website to prevent you from embarking on any unnecessary travel. CS490 will make accommodations as appropriate on days where class or exams are cancelled or there are inclement weather conditions.

Time and Workload Expectation

In addition to the scheduled time spent with CS101 course sections or in CS101 Open Lab, proctors will have a small additional time commitment to read course materials and prepare for class. In general, this should not be more than 1 hour per week.

Participants in the Letter Grade Option will have additional time commitments.


Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and WVU policy, students have a right to the privacy of their academic information. A FERPA release must be on file with the course before we can release information on a student’s performance to third parties. Granting access to the Parent/Guest Portal or signing a general waiver is not sufficient to allow the release of course information.

Please be aware that usage of course computers, the course website, and other course systems may be monitored.

This course uses resources provided by third parties.  Their privacy policies are available below:


The West Virginia University community is committed to creating and fostering a positive learning and working environment based on open communication, mutual respect, and inclusion.