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Grading and Feedback

Grades and detailed feedback are posted to the CS101 View Grades page. Students should review grades as soon as they are posted. Grades may be appealed within 7 calendar days of when they are posted by contacting your instructor. After this time, grades are final. All grades for MyLab Bonus Projects and late MyLab Lessons work are final and may not be appealed.

Grades and feedback for Homeworks and Exams will generally be posted within 14 days of when the assignments were due. Official grades for MyLab Lessons and MyLab Bonus Projects will generally be posted to the CS101 View Grades page within 7 days of when the assignments are due, although MyLab IT's evaluations and unofficial grades will be available in MyLab IT immediately after the assignments are completed. Participation Projects grades will be updated at least once per unit.