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Bundle Options

The course textbooks and MyLab IT must be purchased as part of a bundle. Unless you specifically want print copies of the textbooks, you should buy the Electronic Bundle.

Electronic Bundle with eTexts and MyLab IT

Direct Purchase
Available online from Pearson: $120.00

ISBN 978-1-323-65761-4
Available from Book Exchange: $165.35

Purchasing from Pearson automatically provides access to MyLab IT and the eTexts.  The version sold at the bookstores is an access card for MyLab IT and the eTexts.

Free 14-day temporary access to MyLab IT (not including the eText) is available from Pearson.

Print Bundle with Print Books, eTexts, and MyLab IT

ISBN 978-1-323-74201-3
Available from Barnes & Noble: $202.85
Available from Book Exchange: $182.05
Available from BookHolders: $172.95

The print bundle includes printed copies of the four Exploring Office 2016 textbooks plus an access card for MyLab IT and the eTexts.