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Bundle Options

The course textbooks and MyLab IT must be purchased as part of a bundle. Unless you specifically want print copies of the textbooks, you should buy the Electronic Bundle.

Electronic Bundle with eTexts and MyLab IT

Direct Purchase
Available online from Pearson: $120.00

ISBN 978-1-323-65761-4
Available from Book Exchange: $165.35

Purchasing from Pearson automatically provides access to MyLab IT and the eTexts.  The version sold at the bookstores is an access card for MyLab IT and the eTexts.

Print Bundle with Print Books, eTexts, and MyLab IT

ISBN 978-1-323-74201-3
Available from Barnes & Noble: $202.85
Available from Book Exchange: $182.05
Available from BookHolders: $172.95

The print bundle includes printed copies of the four Exploring Office 2016 textbooks plus an access card for MyLab IT and the eTexts.