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Exams are formal assessments designed to measure student learning of the objectives and skills required in this course. They are graded based on a rubric included at the end of their instructions.

Exams are closed book, closed notes, and closed Internet. The only allowed outside resource is the built-in Microsoft Help system. The use of cell phones, smart watches, tablets, or other communications devices is prohibited. You must have a valid WVU or government-issued photo ID to take each exam.

These are assignments are available at a URL provided by the instructor at the time of the Exam. Students will have 50 continuous minutes each for Exams #1 and #2 and 120 continuous minutes for the Final Exam. Exams must be completed in one sitting. If students arrive late, leave early, or miss the Exam entirely, any lost time if forfeited.

Exams for on-campus sections are at the regularly scheduled class time and location. Exams for online sections are held in Open Lab’s Armstrong Hall location or, at the instructor's discretion, with an instructor-approved exam proctor. Students taking any on-campus courses must come to Open Lab for their exams. Arrangements for proctors must be made prior to the start of exam availability. Instructors may restrict or place conditions on the ability for students to take exams with a proctor if they believe proper procedures are not being followed. CS101 reserves the right to refuse a student-requested exam proctor for any reason. 

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before any scheduled exam start time and plan to stay the entire allowed time. Students taking exams in Open Lab should arrive sufficiently early that they can complete the exam before closing time as they will not be permitted to stay late to complete an exam.

If you wish to reschedule an Exam because of a schedule conflict, scheduled event, or Day of Concern, you must notify your instructor prior to exam day. If you miss an Exam because of a personal, family, or medical emergency, you must notify your instructor within 48 hours of the scheduled start time to request a makeup exam. Documentation may be required. Other requests for makeup exams will generally not be accepted.

All makeup exams are at the instructor’s discretion. They must be completed within 4 weekdays of the scheduled exam day (Exam #1 and Exam #2) or at the announced makeup session (Final Exam).