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Registration Instructions

Fall 2017 Semester

To get credit for your MyITLab work, it's important that you follow our instructions carefully and completely.  If you don't follow the directions, it may harm your grade.  If you need help, please visit Open Lab.

Start Here

Are you a returning student?

If you first took CS101 in Fall 2016 or earlier, you will need to purchase a new code. See below for options on how you can obtain an access code.

If you first took CS101 in Spring 2017, contact your instructor for a replacement code.

If you took CS101 in Summer 2017, follow our I'm a Returning Student instructions.

Obtaining a new access code

If you're a first-time CS101 student or your previous access code expired, you'll need to buy a new MyITLab access code.  You can do this in one of two ways.

Buy direct from Pearson

If you don't want a print textbook and prefer to purchase online, you can buy MyITLab and eText access directly from Pearson. This process occurs entirely online so you can begin using MyITLab immediately. To use this option, follow our I Want to Buy an Access Code from Pearson instructions.

Buy at the bookstore / I already have an access code

You can also buy the print bundle (which includes a MyITLab/eText access card and print copies of the books) or the electronic bundle (just MyITLab and eText access, no print books) from the Barnes & Noble Campus Bookstores, Book Exchange, or BookHolders.  The access card includes a MyITLab activation code to use with our I Have an Access Code instructions.

Use 14-day free temporary access option

MyITLab includes free 14-day access you can use to get started if you are not able to purchase the license yet. Follow the I Have an Access Code instructions for this option.

Course IDs

You will need the correct Course ID for your section to register. It's important that you follow the registration instructions above to make sure you can receive proper credit for your work.