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Known Lessons Issues

The below items are known issues or potential sources of confusion in the MyLab Lessons assigned this semester. The notes will help you to complete the affected questions and move on.

Mac users may also wish to consult our list of keyboard shortcuts for differences that might impact how things work on a Mac compared to Windows.

MyLab Lesson A

Module Step Title Notes
A1 XL 10.1.1 Import a Text File In the Open dialog box, you must select Text Files (*.prn;*.txt;*.csv) as the file type. Typing in the file name without selecting this type will not work.
A3 XL 1.4.1 Apply a Cell Style and Merge and Center the Title You must complete the merge and center in the same action. You cannot separately merge the cells and then center them.
A5 XL 7.1.3 Nest an AND Function Inside an IF Function In Part 1, use the Salary column to determine how much managers earn.

MyLab Lesson B

Module Step Title Notes
B3 XL 6.1.1 Create a Range Name Use the "Create from Selection" option to define the range names.
B3 XL 8.1.1 Use SUMIF, AVERAGEIF, and COUNTIF Surround the date criteria with double quotation marks (e.g., "criteria").
B3 XL 8.1.4 Identify Salary Ranges by Quartile Use absolute cell references for the salaries.
B4 XL 8.3.5 Creating a Forecast Worksheet Resize both the width and height of the chart at the same time.

MyLab Lesson C

Module Step Title Notes

MyLab Lesson D

Module Step Title Notes
D2 AC 2.3.3 Change Query Data In Part 5, both fields are to be sorted in ascending order.

MyLab Lesson E

Module Step Title Notes
E3 AC 5.2.2 Use Date and Round Functions Place square brackets [] around the name of the Weight field.
E3 AC 5.2.4 Perform Date Arithmetic In Part 1, click OK to close the Builder window. You do not need to press Enter.

MyLab Lesson F

Module Step Title Notes

WD 2.1.3

Move Around a Document and Edit a Document Mac users should press Command+Down Arrow keys instead of Ctrl+End keys to move to the end of the document.
F3 WD 2.2.2 Work with Sections and Format Text into Columns The auto-select text does not complete at times even though the correct text is selected. Users should not try to change the number of columns to 2 if the text does not auto-select or an Incorrect Action error occurs. Try resetting the question and attempting it again.
F3 WD 4.1.3 Create and Update Footnotes The footnote style is the style named Footnote Text.
F3 WD 4.1.4 Create a Table of Contents and an Index In Part 1, press Ctrl+Home to go to the beginning of the document.

In Part 3, use the Insert ribbon to insert a page break. Do not press Ctrl+Enter.

MyLab Lesson G

Module Step Title Notes
G2 PP 7.2.4 Delete, Add, and Rename Slide Layouts Close any open panes or dialog boxes when finished.