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How can I get additional help to complete questions?

If you're working on a Lesson, you can click the Learning Aids button near the directions to read the textbook, watch a video of the question being performed, or get guided assistance as you practice how to complete the task.

Learning Aids screenshot

Each question in the MyLab Lessons has a corresponding Hands-On Exercise step in your textbook. You can find the corresponding section in your textbook by looking at the step number. The first two characters (e.g., "WD", "XL") are the application. The step number can be divided into three parts: {Chapter}.{Hands-On Exercise}.{Exercise Step}. Thus, AC Step 1.2.3 refers to Access Chapter 1, Hands-On Exercise 2, Exercise Step 3. The name in the textbook should match the name on the question. The textbook example will be similar to your MyLab question.