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Final Exam

CS101 Final Exam

Assignment Instructions

Your instructor will provide instructions for accessing the exam.


You must submit your completed file(s) through the CS101 Submit Assignments tool.

Exam Times

Section 7D1 will have its exam on Thursday, June 21, 2018 at 9:00 AM.

Requests for make-up exams must be received within 36 hours of the scheduled exam time.


This assignment is worth 150 points. A grading rubric is provided at the end of the assignment instructions.

Help & Resources

Associated Learning Objectives

This assignment covers the following course and unit learning objectives:

Number Learning Objective
C01 Build spreadsheets to perform calculations, display data, conduct analysis, and explore what-if scenarios.
C02 Design and construct databases to store, extract, and analyze scientific and real world data.
C04 Develop technical and scientific presentations which use charts and visual aids to share data.
C05 Identify, access, and evaluate information to solve real world problems.
C01.ED02 Create and manage workbooks, worksheets, and their data.
C01.ED03 Format worksheets and cells to create professional reports.
C01.ED05 Use tables and PivotTables to organize data.
C01.ED06 Use charts, PivotCharts, and sparklines to present data in a graphical format.
C01.ED07 Use what-if analysis tools to project future values and prepare different scenarios.
C02.AC01 Design databases to store real world information.
C02.AC02 Create and manage databases and their data.
C02.AC03 Create and modify tables and associated relationships.
C02.AC04 Design and construct queries to extract needed information from a database.
C04.WP05 Create and manage presentations and their contents to share information.
C04.WP06 Apply formatting options to create a professional appearance for a presentation.
C04.WP07 Customize presentations by adding tables, rich media, and embedded objects to slides.
C05.AC06 Interpret and analyze database query results to perform calculations and answer questions.
C05.ED01 Locate and access data and resources necessary to solve problems.
C05.ED08 Interpret and analyze spreadsheet data