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CS293B: Intro to Python Programming

Even if you have no previous programming experience, you can learn to code in Python. As of April 2022, our Python course is currently not being offered. We hope to offer it again in the future but have do not know when this will occur.

Python is a great first programming language

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Major websites and programs use Python

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Python is in-demand

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What you’ll learn in CS293B

Python is an easy-to-use general purpose programming language. In CS293B, you’ll learn how to:

Who should take CS293B


Python programming skills can benefit many students. Consider taking CS293B if you:

What other students say about the course

“It’s a straightforward but challenging course for people who want to improve their programming skills in a short time.” —Chemistry graduate student

“The course is special because it is always based on real data and events, which makes me feel like I’m doing something that is meaningful and real.” —Global Initiative freshman student


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