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Enrollment Policy

Due to the size of the computer labs we use to teach Computer Science 101, enrollment for on-campus sections is generally capped at 48 students. The current enrollment status of each section is available in the WVU Course Schedule.

Enrollment Policy

By WVU policy, you must be properly enrolled and current on all billings to participate in class.  If you are removed from the course for non-payment, it is your responsibility to resolve the problem with the Office of the University Registrar and Student Accounts.  You may lose credit for work due while you are not enrolled.

Enrolling in closed sections

In some cases, instructors may agree to add one or two additional students beyond the listed capacity of a section. This is done completely at the discretion of the instructor.

Students who wish to be added to a closed section must attend the class and speak with the instructor afterwards. CS101 will not accept e-mail or phone requests to be added to a closed section.

Rather than waiting to see if you can be added to a closed section, we encourage students to consider other sections that may be open either on-campus or online through Extended Learning.