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Textbooks and MyLab IT


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Recommended Textbooks: Exploring Microsoft 365, 2021 editions for Excel, Access, Word, and PowerPoint
Published by Pearson
Excel ISBN: 978-0-13-760246-9
Access ISBN: 978-0-13-760250-6
Word ISBN: 978-0-13-760243-8
PowerPoint ISBN: 978-0-13-760247-6

The textbooks are invaluable for learning the skills required by the course. It is recommended that students read through their textbooks to learn about how Microsoft 365 is used and its features. The textbooks are also great references in case of problems with completing course assignments.

Required Software: MyLab IT for Exploring Microsoft 365, WVU Custom Edition
Published by Pearson
Must be purchased as part of one of the below bundles to obtain promotional pricing.

MyLab IT software provides a computer-based simulation environment for learning how to use Microsoft Office and to assess student knowledge of how to use Microsoft 365. It also provides support for automatically grading MyLab Extra Credit Projects assignments. MyLab IT simulations have a one-to-one mapping to Hands-On Exercises in the course textbooks.

Package Options

MyLab IT and the course textbooks must be purchased as part of a package. Unless you specifically want print copies of the textbooks, you should buy the Electronic Access Code.

Electronic Access Code with eTexts and MyLab IT

Direct Purchase from Publisher
ISBN 978-0-13-831053-0

Available online from Pearson: $79.00

Bookstore Purchase
ISBN 978-0-13-831054-7

Available from Barnes & Noble: $79.00 (price match available)

Purchasing from Pearson automatically provides access to MyLab IT and the eTexts.  The version sold at the bookstores is an access card for MyLab IT and the eTexts.


MyLab IT is required and must be purchased new for each student. MyLab IT and eText access are valid for 12 months.

Free 14-day temporary access to MyLab IT (not including the eText) is available from Pearson. All work must be completed within this 14-day period to avoid purchasing a MyLab license.

See the MyLab IT Registration Instructions page to learn how to register the software.