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Mac Support

Because of differences between the operating systems, special keys and keyboard shortcuts used can be different between Macs and Windows computers.

Keyboard Differences

Key Substitutions

The keys used to perform special tasks can vary between Mac and Windows. In many cases, merely substituting one special key for another will work.

Key Used on Windows Key Used on Mac
Control Command (most cases) or Control
Alt Option 
Windows/Start Command
Backspace (delete previous letter) Delete
Delete (delete next letter) Fn+Delete
Enter/Return Return
Home Fn+Left Arrow
End Fn+Right Arrow
F1 through F12

Fn+F1 through Fn+F12

On MacBook Pro laptops with the touchbar, hold down the Fn key to make the F1 through F12 keys appear on your touchbar.

Common Shortcuts

Shortcut Purpose Windows Shortcut Mac Shortcut
Select All Ctrl+A Command+A
Copy Ctrl+C Command+C
Cut Ctrl+X Command+X
Paste Ctrl+V  Command+V
Move to Previous Word Control+Left Arrow  Option+Left Arrow
Move to Next Word Control+Right Arrow Option+Right Arrow
Move to Beginning of Document Ctrl+Home Command+Up Arrow
Move to End of Document Control+End Command+Down Arrow
Display Excel Formulas Ctrl+` Ctrl+`