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2/16/2019: Exam #1 Information Sent

For those taking the exam off campus, I just sent the exam information out to your proctors.  

If you are taking the exam on campus, you don't need to check anything regarding this.  You can take the exam in the Open Lab Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday, 2/18-20/2019, as previously announced.

If you are taking it off campus, please check with your proctor to ensure they received my email as soon as possible.  Please arrange a time to complete the exam with them Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday, 2/18-20/2019, hopefully you've already done this. You can take the exam anytime between 8AM Monday and 10PM Wednesday (it should be submitted by 11PM). 
If your proctor did not receive the exam information, please let me know ASAP so I can resend the email.  Include their email address in case you sent it wrong the first time.  Please have them check their junk mail if they don't see it.  I sent these emails BCC so that sometimes goes to junk mail boxes.

You will all have 50 continuous minutes to work on it (i.e.  any breaks are included as part of the exam time).  It must be submitted on our course webpage, just like the HW assignments.  Exams are closed book, closed notes, etc.  You can only use "Help" within Excel if you need to. 

2/9/2019: Exam #1 Coming Soon!

On Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday 2/18-20/2019 our first exam will be given.  I will email exam instructions to your proctor, for those that are using that option for taking exams.  For you, the exam can be taken anytime between 8AM Monday and 10PM Wednesday (needs to be finished and submitted by 11PM).  I'll let you all know in another Announcement after I've sent the email to the proctors, as it's very important to ensure they received it.  This will most likely occur Sunday evening or early Monday morning.

For those taking the exam on campus, the Open Lab instructor when you go will have the instructions for you.  Please be sure to bring a photo ID with you to the exam - either your WVU ID or driver's license.  It's not necessary to let me know what time you plan to attend the Open Lab for the exam but it will be open according to the times on this schedule:

For everyone, you will get 50 minutes to work on the exam.  Note this time period includes any break you may take.  Think of it as being in a normal classroom where there is no extra time given beyond the end of class.  Every semester there are cases where someone takes too long on an exam (someone using an off campus proctor).  Please be aware this is very easy to detect and you will be penalized points (best case) and possibly lose all credit for the exam (worst case for a first offense).
As you'll find, exams are very similar to HW assignments - you'll be given a set of instructions to follow, probably some data to import and will create a finished project to submit (on our course website, just as you submit HW files).  Exams are closed book, closed notes, etc.  The only help you can use is the Help function within the application at hand (Excel in this case).

One commonly missed fundamental part of Excel is using different cell reference types.  Please be sure you review the different type (relative, absolute, mixed) before the exam.  Here is a brief refresher:

This is a relative reference: C5
This is an absolute reference: $C$5
This is a column absolute mixed (note $ in front of only the column letter): $C5
This is a row absolute mixed (note the $ in front of only the row number): C$5

Just remember that "absolute" means "$". That "$" tells that column letter or row number "stay put and don't shift around if I copy you to other cells".

Finally, for anyone who still hasn't taken the Exam Proctors & Policy Acknowledgement Survey, you can do so from this link.  Failure to complete this survey will force you to (1) only take exams on campus in the Open Lab and (2) have a hold remaining on your account, which means you can't view your grades and will receive a failing grade for the semester.

If you have any questions about the exam, please let me know.

1/25/2019: Homework #3 Available

Our 3rd homework assignment is now posted, for those who would like to work ahead.

1/23/2019: Homework #2 Available

Our 2nd homework assignment is now posted.  Note that HW #1 is the only one for the semester that will have a sample solution file posted with it.

1/18/2019: Homework #1 Available

Homework #1 is now available under the Assignments link.  Note that each homework assignment also has an associated Help Video.  Watching a similar assignment get completed in that video should greatly help with completing our assignment.

One thing unique to this assignment is that you're given a sample PDF file of what your solution should look like.  This is just to make sure you're on the right track as you get used to how these assignments are designed.  Always be sure to right-click and save each HW file provided, instead of just opening them.

As you'll find, all HW assignments and exams are just like this - you're given a file with a set of instructions to follow, usually some data to import to start out with and you follow these instructions to end up with a completed project file (or files, later on).  Once you're done, submit your file via the Assignment Submission Tool on our site.

Some assignments have a lot of individual but easy directions.. "format this like this", "set this size equal to that", etc..  I always advise printing it out and just checking off what you've done to be sure you don't miss any minor details that may cost you points.  Also, always work top to bottom.  You'll find that one step may be dependent on a previous step done properly.

As I said, every HW assignment and exam in our course will require you to import some data from an file when you begin the assignment.  In the case of HW #1, you start by importing data from the "registrations.csv" file you download (inside the ZIP file you download).  Just to be clear on how to properly import this data, here are instructions on how to do so:

1.  Right-click the "Data" link on the HW1 webpage and save it to your hard-drive.
2.  Using something like Winzip, extract the files that are inside of that zip file you downloaded (registrations.csv and vulnerablebreeds.csv).  Familiarizing yourself with a file extraction tool like WinZip is a skill needed to be successful in this class.  It can be found as a free download and is easy to use, just do a quick Google search if you need to.  Hopefully most people are familiar with ZIP files already.  Newer versions of Windows have the ability to extract zip files already built in.
3.  This step may vary depending on your Excel version:  Within a blank Excel workbook, you should then be able to go to "Data" (at the top), "From Text" and browse to the csv file you need.  This will communicate with that csv file and will import all of the data into the spreadsheet.

1/6/2019: Getting ready for class

What should you be up to on the first day of class? Here's what I suggest:

That should be a good start!  For now - start to explore. Let me know if you have any questions.

1/6/2019: We do not use eCampus or the attendance system

CS101 does not use eCampus. Please be sure to check your MIX e-mail and visit the CS101 website on a daily basis.

Our online section also does not use the attendance system.

1/6/2019: Claim your WVU Login account

If you haven't already done so, please claim your WVU Login account so that you can use CS101 computers and the course website.

1/6/2019: MyLab Registration is Ready

Focus on Registering for MyLab

By now, you should have purchased MyLab and the book (either the paper copy or the electronic copy). If you haven't, please do.  The materials you need are listed here:

Registration instructions are located here and our Course ID is powell83175.

Please take a look at the schedule to see what I think you should be reading and working on today. Refer to the schedule each day and try to keep up with the suggested readings.

1/6/2019: Mac Virtual Machine

If you own a Mac, we have a virtual machine available so you can run Windows and Office to do your assignments in this class. Please see the Help Page for more details.

1/6/2019: Assignment Availability

Assignments in this class will be configured well ahead of time to give you plenty of time to work on them.  I encourage working ahead!

1/6/2019: Grade Availability

You can expect to look for your grades according to these guidelines: